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Epic Fail

Epic Fail

January 11, 2022

There is no success without failure. Sarah & Skye discuss the fails that brought them to where they are now. From redefining success to rolling with a "long spreadsheet of no", the Quick & Dirty Romance ladies have learned a lot from the times their dreams fell flat.

Advice to all listeners: customize your goals and embrace the setbacks!

Loving The Hating Game Movie

Loving The Hating Game Movie

December 14, 2021

Sarah & Skye moonlight as movie critics in the latest episode of the Quick & Dirty Romance Podcast. 

Join the ladies as they dissect the long-anticipated film version of Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game. Highlights, lowlights, and why “the movie was nothing like the book” isn’t a valid criticism. 

Warning! Spoilers galore, sweeties. Watch and read before you listen! 

Book Two Reveal!

Book Two Reveal!

November 22, 2021

Sarah & Skye are back and ready to give you the inside scoop on their second co-authored novel!

SIPS & STROKES was such a hit that the ladies have written a sequel, and you'll never guess who it's about.

Get ready for your jaw to drop and your intuition to tingle as Sarah & Skye discuss who the main characters are, why they went out on this salacious limb, and how this bold project came about. 

Spoiler alert! If you haven't already read book 1, check out SIPS & STROKES by Sarah Skye right here! Sips & Strokes on Amazon.

Match Making Mysteries

Match Making Mysteries

May 10, 2021

Sarah & Skye chat about what makes a match, in fiction and also IRL. Why do 2 people or characters fall for each other? What is needed in a romance novel to make the chemistry realistic? 


Their conclusion? This topic has obvious answers, but the biggest part of chemistry is undefinable! 

Check out SIPS & STROKES by this duo, writing as Sarah Skye, right here! Sips & Strokes on Amazon.

Rom Coms(?)

Rom Coms(?)

March 8, 2021

Rom-com: Romantic Comedy. A term that used to apply exclusively to movies, "rom-com" is now the go-to catch phrase for most contemporary romance. 

But what level of laugh out loud is really needed to class a book as a comedy? Or are we shielding our love of romance with a safer term? 

Special thanks to Lauren H Mae for bringing this topic to our attention! Check out her books by clicking here

Also, we can't share this episode without mentioning that today is SIPS & STROKES' cover reveal day! Pre-Order this steamy rom-com here!

Check out the Molly Ringwald op-ed Skye mentioned here.

Valentine’s Day Announcement!

Valentine’s Day Announcement!

February 14, 2021

Happy V-Day! Join Sarah & Skye as they chat about some of their favorite prompts from the Instagram Candy Hearts Challenge they've hosted all month. 

Sarah & Skye give their hot takes on: Memorable Kisses, Dating Adventures, Swoony Messages and "I Love You", but it's the last 5 minutes you don't want to miss!

Huge announcement at the end of the show! 

Thanks for your support, your reviews, and your follows! More coming soon! 

It’s Anti-Belle Thanksgiving!

It’s Anti-Belle Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2020

Skye is hosting #antibellethanksgiving on Instagram all week (Nov 16-20, 2020)! Join the ladies of Quick & Dirty Romance as they discuss all the prompts for the hashtag game. They go deep on what makes their hearts happy, friendship, and food! 

Check out Skye's book, Not Suitable for Work, to accompany the week's themes. Play along daily to win fun prizes! 

Name Drops: Simmer Down, Dawes, Tyler Brown Williams, This Previous Episode, and The Beatles!

Consent is Sexy

Consent is Sexy

November 2, 2020


Sarah & Skye share excerpts from their books and thoughts on how hot it is when characters consent. In real life and in romance, hearing your partner say yes is far from an awkward moment! The ladies of Quick & Dirty Romance want to see a world where consent is normalized, and empowerment to voice your desires is a turn-on. 

This episode is a continuation of the article they wrote for Frolic Network. Read more here:


Simmer Down!!

Simmer Down!!

October 12, 2020

There is no stopping these ladies! It's our THIRD book release party of 2020 as we celebrate Sarah Smith's impending release, SIMMER DOWN. This rivals-to-lovers food truck rom-com is the Maui vacation you need right now. Join Skye & Sarah as they talk about book boyfriends, food, grief and healing, and of course the happily ever after. 

Key Links from this episode:

  • Buy SIMMER DOWN here
  • Support Girls on the Run International in empowering young women's self-esteem via Skye's fundraiser here 
    (No minimum! Any amount helps!)


Quick & Dirty: Past, Present, Future

Quick & Dirty: Past, Present, Future

September 28, 2020

Happy 1st birthday to NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK and FAKER! One year ago, Skye & Sarah met up in Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate both of their book releases and have a blast. 

Listen to the ladies discuss the past, present, and future of their romance novelist journeys. 

Thank you for your subscribes, your listens, and of course for reading! We couldn't do any of it without you all!

Check us on Instagram for photos of our epic weekend & DM us with suggestions for new shows you'd like to hear.

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